30 Dive Centres in New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand has hundreds of excellent diving sites with over 15,000 km of coast line and plenty of lakes and rivers. Many of these dive sites are world class including the famous Poor Knights, the Rainbow Warrior Wreck, Goat Island and Little Barrier Island.

The density of marine life surrounding New Zealand is exhilarating and due to its location (exactly halfway between the equator and the South Pole) the water and weather in New Zealand are both temperate.

Scuba Diving in New Zealand is sometimes overlooked as a top diving destination. The late Jacques Cousteau once commented that Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve was one of his top five top diving destinations in the world.
From the sub-tropical reefs and beaches of the North Island to the unique topography and temperate waters of the South Island, it could take a lifetime to uncover all the dive sites along New Zealand’s vast coastline.

Scuba Diving New Zealand has everything; dive wrecks, drop-offs and sub-tropical reefs in clean, clear waters. You can discover kelp forests, swim with school fish or alongside dolphins. For a different adventure and experience, you can even try kayak diving or a night dive.

Most of the popular spots are easily accessed from the mainland coast or you can take a boat to the more remote reefs and islands. You can browse dive schools in New Zealand below.

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