5 Dive Centres in Jamaica


Jamaica is full of beautiful white beaches, but people usually do not think of Jamaica as being a top destination for scuba diving. However, Jamaica’s Caribbean waters are great for divers of all levels and those looking for tropical fish, eels, sharks, and turtles. With visibility typically between 70 to 100 feet and water temperatures around 81°F year-round, scuba diving in Jamaica offers warm, clear waters full of fish!

The three main places for some of the best scuba diving in Jamaica are Montego Bay, Negril, and Ocho Rios.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay is the most popular place to stay in Jamaica. Within the Montego Bay Marine Park there are many great dive sites including The Canyons which offers a 40-foot drop off wall as well as the Little Drop Off which allows divers to practice buoyancy with the many depth changes. There is even a sunken plane!

The Wreck

The fuselage of an old DC3 plane lies in 80 feet of water. Black corals envelop the wreck, and fish can be spotted swimming about.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum offers depths of 100 feet. Oceanic triggerfish, barracudas, and hawksbill turtles can be seen at this site.

Widowmaker’s Cave

The Widowmaker’s Cave is an opening in the reef that starts at 35 feet. You work your way through a 10-foot wide chimney and come out at 80 feet. Black and soft corals line the inside of the chimney.

Stingray City

With a maximum depth of 40 feet, this place is great for photographers to get photos of large stingrays gliding all around.


Negril is another popular location for tourists in Jamaica. With miles of white sandy beaches and all-inclusive resorts, tourists will find relaxation in Negril along with some of the best scuba diving in Jamaica!

Throne Room

In Negril, the Throne Room is a cavern ranging 40 to 70-feet deep. Advanced divers can exit near the opening at the bottom while beginner divers can stay where they have direct access to the surface.


This popular dive site can be done as a drift dive. There is an arch-like coral formation which gives the site its name. There is a sunken plane full of fish in the area to explore. Additionally, there are caves, overhangs, and ledges to peer into and see what is lurking in the dark. Here you will find nurse sharks, bar jacks, creole wrasses, French grunts, trumpetfish, and rays.


There are two caverns at the Caves dive site. A narrow tunnel connects the two caverns together. Soft gorgonians, sponges, stingrays, jacks, and snappers can be seen at this dive site.

Surprise Reef

This is a great dive for beginners that offers a pretty, shallow reef where turtles and parrotfish are often spotted hanging out in the caverns.

Shark’s Reef

Nurse sharks and large stingrays can be spotted at Shark’s Reef. The bottom slopes down at 75 feet. This is a less frequented dive site.

Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios is great for cruise ship passengers wishing to get a dive in while in port to experience scuba diving in Jamaica.

Kathryn Reef

At Kathryn Reef, you will find the Ship Wreck dive site, a 140-foot WWII minesweeper in just 50 feet of water with the surface of the ship just 20 feet deep! Barrel sponges and sea fans cover the wreck. Sting rays, nurse sharks, lobsters, eels, sea snakes, and snappers are some of the animals you might see.

Barracuda Reef

Barracuda Reef offers trenches and caverns with depths of 60 to 100 feet. As the name implies, barracuda are often seen here as well as nurse sharks, eels, snappers, lobsters, and crabs.

Besides scuba diving in Jamaica, there are many things to do on land including mountains and rainforests to explore and a historic city with museums and shops. Scuba diving in Jamaica is an added benefit for those wishing to explore under the sea!

When to visit Jamaica?

Scuba diving in Jamaica is great year-round with water temperatures consistently warm. However, it is best to avoid the Caribbean during the hurricane season.

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