19 Dive Centres in Fiji


The beautiful Fiji archipelago has long captivated the imagination of the western world, since its discovery by Dutch explorers in the 17th century. At the time it was infamous for its fierce and often cannibalistic militant indigenous tribes. The cannibalism has long since died out, and the islands are now one of the most sought after holiday destinations for true beach buffs, famous for their immaculate coral reefs, virgin white sand beaches and breathtaking dive sites. The diving season lasts year round, so whenever you visit you will doubtless be able to have the dive of a lifetime. Although the underwater scenery and wildlife is rich and abundant more or less anywhere you dive in Fiji, there are a few dive sites that you definitely should not miss. With over 333 islands, it helps to know exactly where the best diving can be found.

Taveuni Island
Fiji’s main claim to fame as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World” is in great part thanks to the breathtaking Tavenui dive site, located in northern Fiji in the Somosomo Strait. Diving spots such as the Rainbow Reef and The Great White Wall are world-famous, and are not to be missed by the discerning diver. A steady current makes for crystal clear water and extremely high visibility. It also ensures an astonishing diversity of marine life, from blooming coral fields to schools of tropical fish. Manta rays, white tip sharks, butterfly fish, leopard sharks, stone fish, long nose hawk fish, giant clams, barracudas and many more weird and wonderful life forms call the Tavenui islands home. The western shore of the “Garden Island” provides the easiest access to the best dive sites of the Somosomo Strait, but there is ample accommodation to be found further south as well.

Kadavu Island
Kadavu Island is the go-to place for anyone in search of virgin reefs and a remote and relatively tourist-free holiday experience. Kadavu Island is located south of Fiji’s main island of Vitu Levu, and is famous for its untouched natural beauty, in particular the Great Astrolabe reef which is abundant in pristine hard corals, pelagics and dramatic steep drop offs into the deep ocean. The island harks back to a more simple time as the picturesque roads in this mountainous region are few and far between. Many parts of the island are accessible only by boat, and this is the best way to get around Kadavu. There are many eco-friendly quaint places to stay in the north of the island that offer close proximity to Kavadu’s hard coral reefs.

Beqa Island and Viti Levu
Fiji’s main island offers the widest choice of accommodations, and there is a huge choice, from the inexpensive to the luxurious. Even though the best diving sites are to be found in the outlying islands, Viti Levu is great for those who do not wish to take additional local flights. The Uprising Beach Resort is a beautiful beachside property that is ideal for adventurous and active young people. Only a one hour boat ride will take you to the Beqa Lagoon that is world famous for its dramatic shark dives, and should not be missed.

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