Diving Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt


Located just 19 km from the famous Ras Mohammed National Park and about 300 km from the Suez on the Gulf of Aqaba in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the most famous holiday destinations for international tourists keen on Egypt and the Middle East.

Dubbed “the jewel of the Sinai”, Sharm has evolved to become a very popular tourist spot for scuba divers, snorkelers, free-divers and package holiday-makers. It also acts as the main departure point for most of the Red Sea’s scuba liveaboards.

Sharm el-Sheikh has a breath-taking landscape, long natural beach stretches, a year-round dry temperate climate (with its sea waters being calm and clear during most times of the year), as well as the site of the mystical British SS Thistlegorm ship wreck.

Sharm el-Sheikh has a massive collection of marine life and scintillating coral reef formations that also bring in a great deal of scientific tourism. It boasts of more than 1000 fish species and 250 different coral reefs.

Furthermore, adding to its rich modern Egyptian and Middle Eastern culture, the history of this region goes back to the Biblical times and beyond, with the fact that the Sinai Peninsula is believed to be the site of the Biblical Exodus story attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

Apart from boasting of some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling sites in the world, some of the other non-diving activities you can enjoy at Sharm el-Sheikh include: wind and kitesurfing, a spa experience, boating and canoeing, para-sailing, nature exploration and bird-watching, hiking and trekking, golfing, yachting, quad-biking, holiday safaris, beach activities, nightlife and cafes, and a myriad of other forms of fun and leisure.

Though the best diving seasons are around March and April, Sharm is a fantastic all-year-round destination for divers and other holidaymakers due to its warm water temperatures of 21-28°C throughout the year. Some of the best dive sites at Sharm include Amphoras, Ras Ghamila, Sodfa, the Gardens, Tower and Ras Nasrani.

Sharm el-Sheikh can easily be accessed from different parts of Europe via various daily flights, as well as through EgyptAir’s domestic flights from different Egyptian airports. Majority of holidays to Sharm el-Sheikh are package holidays that offer good value for your money because they include both flight and accommodation costs in a single package. Most dive centers are also affiliated to a hotel or resort, meaning that one is able to get a good hotel and diving combo deal.

For accommodation, Egyptian and international cuisine, spa services, golfing and a life full of luxury away from the seas, some of the best global-standard hotels and resorts are also located at Sharm el-Sheikh. They include Reef Oasis Blue-Bay Resort & Spa, Camel Drive Hotel, Falcon Na’ama Blue Hotel, Hilton Sharm el-Sheikh Fayrouz Resort and Monte Carlo Resort.

While at Sharm, you can also easily arrange for trips and holiday safaris into the fascinating Sinai Desert and tour the astounding St. Catherine Monastery or even the legendary Sinai Mountains.

Make Sharm el-Sheikh your next vacation destination to enjoy an earthly paradise experience in the deep seas and beyond!

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