Diving Komodo, Indonesia


Komodo is a 390-square-kilometer island which is part of the Indonesian archipelago of the Lesser Sunda chain. It is particularly famous for the Komodo dragon, the largest lizard in the modern world which is endemic to the island and a few other surrounding ones, as well as for being one of the best scuba diving and snorkeling destinations in South East Asia.

Komodo is also among only seven places on the planet known to have a pink beach. This phenomenon arises from the presence of a mix of both white sand and Foraminifera-formed red sand, thus the pink color appearance. Since November 2011, the island has been listed in the New7Wonders of Nature.

Home to our planet’s most pristine reefs, Komodo’s past heritage with convicts also attracts tourists and history lovers.

Scuba diving in Komodo is a majestic experience. Both the island and its national park reserve offer liveaboard scuba divers just about every kind of tropical scuba diving experience you can imagine. From the warm and calm colorful shallow reefs that are always alive and crammed with thousands of beautiful reef fishes and invertebrates, to the ocean current-swept deep but cool water ocean mounts, walls, caverns and pinnacles that are frequently patrolled by the big fish and a myriad of other sea fauna.

Diving Komodo

Diving Komodo will bring you into contact with a spectacular world of colorful sponges, tunicates, sea squirts and coral formations where you will be at home with sharks, tuna, sunfish, dolphins, mantas, eagle rays, pygmy seahorses, clown frogfish, ornate ghost pipefish, blue-ringed octopus, nudibranchs and so many other uncountable undersea flora and fauna.

With water temperatures ranging between 20 and 28 degrees Celcius all year round, Komodo remains one of the best destinations for divers who want to have a flexible schedule of diving whenever they want; any time of the year. Nevertheless, some people still consider April and May the best months to dive since they come immediately after the rainy season. Some of the most famous diving spots in Komodo include Cannibal Rock, Gili Lawa, Batu Bolong, GPS Point, Manta Alley, Pillarsteen, Pantai Merah and the Yellow Wall of Texas.

While in Komodo, there are a number of world-class hotels, restaurants and diving resorts that you can get accommodation in and enjoy the best hospitality services away from the waters of the Pacific. These include Komodo Resort & Diving Club, Sylvia Hotel & Resort Komodo, Plataran Komodo Beach Resort, Angel Island Resort, The Jayakarta Suites Komodo Flores,and Newa Sumba Resort.

The main transportation hub around the island of Komodo is Labuan Bajo, which is the location of Komodo Airport, as well as a number of ferry services, buses, local boat services and a myriad of private car hire services. Komodo Airport can be easily reached from other airports in Indonesia, Asia, Oceania and the world at large. The nearest airports in Indonesia include Tambolaka, Bima and Umbu Mehang Kunda.

In conclusion, Komodo island is a majestic undersea experience like no other. Make it your next destination today and enjoy the tropical Pacific heaven of the world’s only surviving dragon!

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