Diving Bali, Indonesia


Bali has long been hailed as one of the most beautiful island in the world, and for good reason. The island has a tropical climate, lush and vibrant greenery, untouched beaches and a population that is friendly and hospitable almost to a fault. There are many direct international flights to Bali, or you may also opt for a flight from Indonesia’s capital Jakarta. Bali’s crystal clear water and untouched underwater eco-systems have made it a popular and much sought out scuba diving destination. Although you can dive into the water most anywhere in Bali and experience an explosion of wildlife and lush fauna, the following dive sites are not to be missed if you are visiting Bali.

Malibu Point
With plenty of really large fish to be found in the crystal clear waters of Malibu Point, this dive is definitely not for the squeamish. You are sure to see majestic rays, tunas and a numer of different species of sharks waiting for you in this marine wonderland. Amongst others, you can spot whitetip and blacktip reef sharks, treasure sharks and even the elusive whale shark. Enormous alien-like Mola Mola fish that can weigh up to a ton can be seen from July to September, when the water is cooler. The flora consists of lush and dense soft and hard corals as well as ubiquitous whip corals.

Amuk Bay-Candi Dasa
The little rocky islet of Gili Tepekong is located three kilometers southeast of Amuk Bay and can be reached by a short boat ride. Gili Tepekong truly has some of the best diving money can buy. The 100m wide island has steep coral wals, and an underwater canyon that is breathtaking, dramatic and truly unforgettable. The experienced diver can drift through the canyon carried effortlessly by the strong current that can reach up to 5 knots.

3 km southeast from Candi Dasa, Amuk Bay, lies the little rocky islet of Gili Tepekong that has some of the most spectacular diving Bali has to offer. Tepekong is just 100m wide, the coral walls are steep, the water is cold, and the current can be strong but, for an experienced diver, drifting with an up to 5 knot current through Tepekong’s canyon is an unforgettable and dramatic underwater experience. The 32m deep canyon is home to white-tip reef sharks, yellow-ribbon sweetlips and enormous schools of rainbow runners and big-eyed trevally.

Padang Bay
This beautiful bay is home to the picturesque Pura Jepun monastery, and a beautiful reef that carries the same name. Starting out as a shallow ledge with a depth of 10m, the reef slopes steeply to a a depth of 20 meters and further to a level sandy bottom at 40m. The slope is awash with colour and wildlife: hypnotic fields of anemones, sea squirts, yellow and black featherstars, boxfish, yellow trumpetfish and oriental sweetlips, just to name a few.

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