45 Dive Centres in Cyprus


Cyprus is a melting pot of various cultural and historical influences located in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, close to the mainland of Turkey. There are a vast variety of archeological and historical sites to visit, as well as beautiful beaches and seaside resorts for those seeking a laid back vacation. The clear waters around Cyprus offer some of the best diving in the entire region. The diving sites are extremely varied and offer even the most discerning diver a wide range of different sites to choose from. Whether you are new to SCUBA or are an experienced diver, you are sure to find what you are looking for; from gentle shallow water dives to exciting technical ship wreckage dives.

Scuba Diving in Cyprus

Achilleas is a huge 53m long cargo ship that sank due to an explosion in 1975 near Pahos on the southwest side of Cyprus. The wreck is broken up into three parts and lies upside down on the calm sandy bottom. It is a very popular dive site for divers of all skill levels, as it is at a gentle depth of 12m. Due to its relatively shallow depth, the visibility is pristine and the site gets a lot of sunlight. A few of the highlights of the site are the massive bronze propeller and engine. The Achilleas wreck can be easily reached by boat from the city’s harbor. The best time for diving is from May to November.

The name says it all, this dive site is bursting with colour, life and stunning natural features. Located northwest of Kyrenia, the Paradise dive site can be reached by a quick 10 minute boat ride. Paradise is located on the north side of a rather large reef system that is divided into three distinct parts. With depths ranging from 24m to 43m, this dive site is not recommended for rookies. The dive site is teeming with reefs, walls, holes, caves, colourful crevasses and canyons. The marine life is also abundant and varied, and you can see scorpion fish, grouper, bream and amber jacks, just to name a few. At the greater depths divers can also feast their eyes on stingrays that are buried in the sand waiting for their next meal as well as cardinal and squirrel fish hiding out in the rocks.

Zenobia Wreck
This is a world famous dive site, and has been included in the prestigious “Top-50 Dive Sites of the World” list. This 173 meter-long Swedish ferry sank off the coast of Larnaca in 1980, complete with over 100 trucks that it was transporting. A rather unique feature of this wreck is that most of the interior compartments are open and accessible for exploration. You can even sit in the cabs of trucks that are astoundingly well preserved. Large schools of barracuda, moray and conger eels, grouper, bream, rainbow wrasse and scorpion fish all call this awesome wreck home. A visibility of 50m and low currents mean that this site is recommended for divers of all experience levels. It is best to dive this site from May to September, when the water temperature is 22C-32C.

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