3 Dive Centres in Bahamas


The Bahamas is an archipelago of 700 islands. Scuba diving in the Bahamas offers crystal clear waters full of sharks, reefs, walls, wrecks, and more! There are several islands to stay on or take the full adventure to remote islands and do a liveaboard!

Grand Bahama

Tiger Beach
Off the Grand Bahamas Island is Tiger Beach. The shallow, sandy 20-foot deep bottom allows divers to just relax and see the tiger sharks. You may even get to see hammerheads, reef sharks, nurse sharks, and bull sharks.

Sugar Wreck
The sugar wreck is an old sailing ship that was carrying sugar from the Caribbean before she sank. She is gleaming with life in only 20 feet of water. This wreck is near Tiger Beach, and thus, many sharks may be seen here.

You will find shallow coral reefs and wrecks and beautiful walls scattered about the Exuma Cays, considered some of the most pristine blue waters and white beaches in the world, even the filming locations for Pirates of the Caribbean, Into the Blue, and James Bond films. There are also blue holes and caves for the more experienced divers.

Angelfish Blue Hole
Angelfish Blue Hole reaches 92 feet deep with a swimthrough at the bottom. Many fish and even eagle rays and turtles can be spotted here.

Amberjack Reef
In the beautiful Amberjack Reef, you will find reef sharks, pirate bennies, and black grouper.


New Providence

Shark Buoy
About an hour from New Providence is a yellow buoy that is surrounded with Silky sharks feeding on the small fish surrounding the buoy. Although the buoy is anchored in 6000 feet of water, the diving is typically around 20 to 40 feet.

James Bond Wrecks
The Tears of Allah and the Vulcan bomber were sunken purposely for the James Bond films Never Say Never Again and Thunderball. They reach only 45 feet deep making these dives a must see for all those 007 fans.


Long Island

MV Comberbach
The MV Comberbach was built in 1948 and is a 102-foot long British freighter that lies in about 100 feet of water. Inside of the cargo hold, you can see a 1975 Ford van.

Conception Island Wall
Conception Island is an uninhabited national park. The Conception Island Wall drops to 6000 feet where you can see colorful corals, sponges, and sea fans.



Shark Rodeo at Walker’s Cay
The Shark Rodeo is a gathering of more than 100 sharks (Caribbean reef, bull, blacktip, and nurse) feeding on a ‘chumsicle’ of fish. Divers can get in close to the sharks to witness the feeding.

Andros Island
You will find amazing scuba diving in the Bahamas at Andros Island, the largest of the Bahama islands.

Andros Wall
The Andros Wall is a breathtaking dive and considered one of the best wall dives in the Bahamas. The wall is around 90 feet deep, has canyons, and is full of life.

Blue Holes
You can find blue holes all over the Bahamas with the highest concentration in the world off Andros Island. Blue holes are underwater caves or sinkholes that have dramatic walls. Snorkelers and divers can revel in these formations with some reaching 400 feet deep!


Depending on the time of year, you can see hammerhead sharks or oceanic whitetips in Bimini.

Bimini Wall/Road
The Bimini wall has ancient stones arranged in such a way that many people think it’s the road to the lost city of Atlantis. Take a venture here to see why.

The S.S. Sapona was used by ‘Bimini Rum King’ Bruce Bethell in 1924 as a floating warehouse to store liquor during prohibition. In 1926, she ran aground during a hurricane and was later used by US fighter pilots for training during World War II. The wreck is only 15 feet deep.


San Salvador
You will find exquisite diving with fewer crowds in San Salvador.

Hole in the Wall
This wall dive includes an indentation that is 100 feet across and goes 150 feet deep. There are schools of fish, a very large gorgonian, and a pillar coral.

Vicky’s Reef
This reef also contains a wall that starts at about 40 feet then going to 110 to 140 feet deep before it plateaus and drops even deeper. Stingrays, turtles, groupers, and black coral trees can be seen here.

Whether you are looking for walls, wrecks blue holes, sharks, or shallow reefs, scuba diving in the Bahamas is the place for you!

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