Booking Terms and Conditions

Accepting Bookings using

In order to allow to accept bookings for your dive school you switch on the ‘online bookings’ facility and agree to the following terms and conditions.

You are required to complete the price form provided for each dive service that you offer. Prices should be no higher than advertised on your business website. You should be able to accommodate dive bookings immediately after switching on the bookings facility. You should set a maximum number of divers you are able to accept for your dive courses and leisure dives.

Bookings can be made using the online booking facility of You will receive a booking request via e-mail. You are committed to accept, decline or suggest alternative within 24 hrs. If you do not respond within this period the customer will be notified the reservation has not been confirmed and the booking request will be automatically cancelled and/or sent to other dive operators in the region by

After you accept a booking request, will email a web link to the customer and will instruct them to secure their booking with deposit using our secure PayPal payment gateway. All deposit payments are set to 10% of the total booking value unless an alternative agreement has been made. Deposits payments are to be paid directly to Once payment has been received, both the customer and the dive school will receive a booking confirmation email from The customer will be instructed to pay you the 90% balance upon arrival. Full responsibility for collection the total sum from the customer rests with the dive school.

Cancellations and No Shows:

In the event of a cancellation or a no show, the customer will lose their deposit and the dive school will be paid half of the deposit by In the event of a ‘no show’ it is the responsibility of the dive school to login to their account and mark the relevant customer as a ‘no-show’. This can only be done after the booking arrival date. Cancellation and no show payments to the dive school will be made within 30 days after the customer has cancelled or the been marked as a no show.

Special Circumstances:

You reserve the right to cancel or suggest to provide diving services at an alternative date in the event that weather conditions make it unsafe to provide diving services at a date specified in the booking confirmation.

If you are unable to deliver any diving services as a result of acts of God, volcanic eruptions, tornado, tsunami, flood, natural disaster, fire, acts of war, or riots, you will use reasonable efforts to inform the customer and divecompare without delay and the deposit will be refunded to the customer. You are not to be held responsible for costs such as airfare, or any other costs that are not directly related to providing diving services advertised on

Additional Information:

It is the responsibility of the dive school to provide the customer with information including but not limited to; minimum diving certification requirements, diving insurance requirements, personal information that you require and forms that you require such as Medical Statement, Liability Release or Assumption of Risk Agreement forms. will provide you an area to type such information in the online bookings area.