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is scuba diving dangerous

Is Scuba Diving Dangerous? 8 Tips for Safer Diving

You often hear non-divers citing their reasons for not learning to dive, and often one of those main reasons is because scuba diving is dangerous. Their diver friends will often disagree, normally falling back on cliché comments such as “you are more likely to be killed by a vending machine than a shark” or “more […]


Why does Scuba Diving make you want to Pee?

Anyone who has spent a bit of time on a dive boat will know that they often smell like a dark corner near your local pub – or in other words, they smell like urine. Most divers are too ashamed to say it, but the vast majority of us feel the overwhelming urge to pee […]

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blacktip reef shark

Diving with Blacktip Reef Sharks

Everybody remembers their first shark sighting. Mine was before I was a diver, while I was snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia on a family holiday. It was dusk, and this large shadow rushes past me. I remember looking up and seeing this huge (or at least it seemed huge at the time), […]

wreck diving

An Introduction to Wreck Diving

PADI and other dive agencies generally have a similar structure when it comes to diver education. You begin your diving career as an Open Water Diver, taking your first underwater breaths and seeing all the amazing life that normally inaccessible to us land dwellers. Then you progress to you Advanced Open Water (or equivalent) and […]


Tips for Diving in Current – Drift Diving

There is nothing quite like the thrill of jumping in the water and letting the current push you along an endless reef. When done properly, drift diving is by far the laziest and most relaxing form of diving. You don’t need to worry about navigation, or even swimming. You simply jump in, let the current […]

Essential Manta Ray Facts

Essential Manta Ray Facts

When asking fellow divers what animals make the top five of their marine encounters bucket list, you can almost guarantee that the manta ray is on there, and with good reason. These gentle giants are easily one of the most beautiful fish on the planet. They soar and glide through the water like birds, and […]


How to Spot Macro Critters While Diving

For me, the most exciting aspect of scuba diving if finding the incredible animals that live below the oceans surface, and as a macro freak, the smaller and more unusual the critter, the more excited I am! When I was just starting out as a divemaster, I would struggle finding even the most common of […]


10 Tips for Underwater Photography Etiquette

Underwater photography is becoming more and more popular among divers and snorkellers. What was once considered a pastime that only the wealthy and very experienced divers could take part in, is fast becoming available to everybody as camera systems get better and cheaper, and divers are becoming more adventurous and travelling to more exotic diving […]


Top Tips for Dive Travel

Scuba diving and travel go together hand in hand. Dive travel can see you going to places that you never would have dreamed of visiting, and I think it is fair to say that one of the best parts of scuba diving holidays (aside from the diving, obviously) is the sense of adventure that you feel […]

bobbit worm

The Terrifying Bobbit Worm

Do you remember the classic 1990 monster movie, Tremors, starring Kevin Bacon? If not, here is a very short recap. A town is being terrorised by enormous burrowing worms that drags them into the dirt and eats them, and Kevin Bacon, along with his on screen buddies, must find a way to stop them and […]