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Is Scuba Diving Dangerous? 8 Tips for Safer Diving

You often hear non-divers citing their reasons for not learning to dive, and often one of those main reasons is because scuba diving is dangerous. Their diver friends will often disagree, normally falling back on cliché comments such as “you are more likely to be killed by a vending machine than a shark” or “more […]

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An Introduction to Wreck Diving

PADI and other dive agencies generally have a similar structure when it comes to diver education. You begin your diving career as an Open Water Diver, taking your first underwater breaths and seeing all the amazing life that normally inaccessible to us land dwellers. Then you progress to you Advanced Open Water (or equivalent) and […]


Tips for Diving in Current – Drift Diving

There is nothing quite like the thrill of jumping in the water and letting the current push you along an endless reef. When done properly, drift diving is by far the laziest and most relaxing form of diving. You don’t need to worry about navigation, or even swimming. You simply jump in, let the current […]


Getting back into the water

Dust off your mask, dig out those fins and squeeze into that wetsuit. That exciting feeling of anticipation inside you as you prepare to go on holiday, knowing you are heading back below the surface. It’s been a long time, too long in fact! Time ticks away in the real world and it’s easy to […]


8 Tips for Easier Equalizing

As we descend underwater the pressure quickly increases around us. This increased pressure causes the air inside our body’s air spaces to compress, which is mostly noticeable in our ears. If left unchecked, this added pressure will cause discomfort to the delicate parts of our ears, and if the diver was to descend much further […]

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Nitrogen Narcosis

Frequently referred to by divers as ‘getting narked’, nitrogen narcosis is a condition that affects people when breathing gas at high pressure, such as when a scuba diver descends to depths of 30 metres or deeper. The name derives from the Greek word ‘Narke’, which translates to ‘temporary loss of senses and movement’. Some divers […]


Cold Water Considerations

Chances are that you may have gotten into scuba diving while on holiday in some tropical location. You may have fallen in love with diving, but the only spots near you might seem uninvitingly cold. Well with the right planning considerations, a cold water dive can be just as exciting and enjoyable as a dive […]

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Overcoming Pre Dive Nerves

Pre dive nerves can kick in for a variety of reasons, and almost all divers will be effected at some point over their diving career. Trainee divers who may be worried about their first time at depth, or a particular skill they must perform are most likely to be effected, but even really experienced divers […]

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Solo Diving

Scuba diving has always traditionally been a team sport. The buddy system ensures that you never dive alone, mainly for safety reasons, but in 1999 SDI began to offer the Solo Diver Certification. Since then it has become a popular speciality, but many training agencies such as PADI, SSI or NAUI still refuse to create […]