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A Brief History of Diving

For centuries, humanity has had an obsession with exploring. It seems as though every time an obstacle has come up, human ingenuity has been there to knock it down. Even today, we are pushing the boundaries of exploration, yet, even so, much of our planet remains an unexplored mystery to us. Which part, specifically? The […]


Master Scuba Diver or Divemaster?

So you’ve completed your Open Water Course and discovered an amazing new world beneath the surace, falling in love with the corals, colours and the marine life. You’ve continued your diving education and completed your Advanced and Rescue Diver courses and now you have come to a crossroads.. What to do next? Master Scuba Diver […]


Diving the Andamans Vs Thailand

The Andaman and Nicobar Archipelago consists of over 500 islands and Thailand has a few hundred. Despite the crazy variety one can find in each of these places, many divers, in choosing between The Andamans and Thailand, are confused as to their final destination. With fabulous beaches, different activities to do and wonderful locals, narrowing […]


Find Your Perfect Dive Mask

There is a huge choice of dive masks out there, many different brands, shapes, sizes and colours. It can be a minefield trying to find your perfect match, and one thing is for sure: you need to make the right choice. Using a mask that doesn’t fit properly or causes discomfort will inevitably ruin your […]


To Dive or Not to Dive?

There are two types of people in this world, those that are divers and those that are not. Like me, many of you will have tried to explain to a non-diver what it’s really like down there and the feeling you get from swimming alongside marine life. However, I can’t help but feel they never […]


The Mystery of Underwater Paradise

Scuba diving is a sport unlike any other, as it transports you to a magical underwater world of serene beauty and eternal wonder. When it comes to stunning and diverse dive sites, Malaysia is one of the best diving spots on earth. Located in the awesome Coral Triangle of Southeast Asia, Malaysia is teeming with […]