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is scuba diving dangerous

Is Scuba Diving Dangerous? 8 Tips for Safer Diving

You often hear non-divers citing their reasons for not learning to dive, and often one of those main reasons is because scuba diving is dangerous. Their diver friends will often disagree, normally falling back on cliché comments such as “you are more likely to be killed by a vending machine than a shark” or “more […]


Find Your Perfect Dive Mask

There is a huge choice of dive masks out there, many different brands, shapes, sizes and colours. It can be a minefield trying to find your perfect match, and one thing is for sure: you need to make the right choice. Using a mask that doesn’t fit properly or causes discomfort will inevitably ruin your […]


Cold Water Considerations

Chances are that you may have gotten into scuba diving while on holiday in some tropical location. You may have fallen in love with diving, but the only spots near you might seem uninvitingly cold. Well with the right planning considerations, a cold water dive can be just as exciting and enjoyable as a dive […]


4 Items a Traveling Diver Should Own

Although we probably agree that diving is pretty much the best thing on the planet, there is no denying that it is an expensive and heavy hobby to have. Scuba equipment is not cheap, and you need a lot of it to be able to actually get underwater in the first place. Luckily most of […]

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Traveling with Scuba Gear

As scuba divers we travel often by nature. Maybe to check out that new quarry 100 miles down the road, or to dive with Thresher Sharks in the Philippines. Without travel we would only be able to dive the same sites over and over, until there wouldn’t be any point going back there! Scuba diving […]

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Different Gases used for Diving

Different Gases used for Diving

Many non-divers believe that the cylinders that we use contain pure oxygen. Once you have completed your Open Water level course you will learn that this is not true, our cylinders are filled with natural air unless we are specially trained to dive with other gasses. So what are these other different gasses used in […]


Dive Cylinder Care

Generally scuba cylinders require very little maintenance, simply rinse the body and the valve after a dive, and make sure you keep up to date with visual and hydrostatic tests. The most important thing you can do to help ensure your cylinder has a full life is to make sure water is never allowed to […]


How Long will my Air Last?

‘How long will my air last’ is a frequently asked question by those who are new to the sport, and it is one that most scuba professionals would have asked their instructors when they were learning. It is a fair question, especially from those who are just seeking a one day dive experience on their […]

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Defogging your Mask

A foggy mask can do more than just spoil your dive by obstructing your view to the incredible underwater world. It can damage you and your buddies ability to effectively communicate together, and it can even be dangerous to the less experienced diver, as it can distract the diver, leading them to possibly lose control […]


Be a Tidy Diver

Generally speaking, the more you dive the more gear you will collect. There are always certain bits of equipment that you need for certain dives, such as a reel and a torch for a wreck dive, or a white slate and camera for photography dives. Some equipment is essential for every dive, such as a […]

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