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Recreational Sidemount Diving

If you have been diving for quite a while, then I’m sure you will already know what sidemount diving is. If you are new to diving then you may not know too much about it, or may not have even heard of it. Basically sidemount diving utilises a different equipment configuration to standard (back mount) […]


Buoyancy Control

The most important skill you will ever learn as a diver is buoyancy control. Your ability to control your buoyancy will dictate where you are in the water. It is what allows you to relax on the surface when not diving, it allows you to sink slowly at a comfortable pace and it allows you […]


Learn to Dive in Egypt

Spoiler Alert: If you choose to learn to dive in Egypt, you may get a skewed perspective on diving! There are few places that can offer the varieties of corals and up close encounters with marine life like the experience you will find in the Red Sea. However that should only be an encouragement when […]


Introduction to Technical Diving

If you have been diving for a while you may feel like you have exhausted most of the potential routes. You may have finished your Rescue diver, and completed some specialties such as Nitrox, Deep or Wreck and still feel that you want more out of diving, like you need a new challenge. Well if […]

Dive Student

Dive Student Etiquette

If you want to get into SCUBA Diving, and are looking to gain tips on what you should be doing next or where you should go on a diving holiday, the best person to speak to is your Dive Instructor. Normally they will have been to many different places and taken part in many different […]


Underwater Photography

The reason many people get into diving in the first place is because of an interest in the natural world. The underwater world offers such a wide variety of ecosystems and weird and wonderful creatures it is hard for a nature lover to pass up the chance of seeing so much beauty in a short […]


Open Water Diver Difficulties

There are some parts of the Open Water course that many beginners would rather not do. Usually because the skills are more difficult and sometimes because they feel uncomfortable. As a dive instructor, I have regularly heard students complaining about certain skills. I often get called mean, or get asked “Why do we have to […]


Night Diving

If you are already a certified diver and are looking for a new twist to your underwater career, then try diving at night if you haven’t already. There are many advantages to night diving and it’s a good way to get that ‘first dive’ feeling that you get on your Open Water Course. 

Some people […]

Scuba Taucher Kind

Junior Open Water Diver

With the summer holidays in full force most people will already have their summer trips planned, but it’s never too early to think about next year or a late autumn trip this year. If you have a family with young kids then you have probably heard “Can we go to Disney Land?!” a few times […]


Continue your Dive Education

Although the Open Water course covers the fundamentals of diving, many people still do not feel super comfortable underwater. In fact the idea of going off with their buddy without a professional feels like an impossible task. Most entry level courses involve only 4 open water dives, which doesn’t seem like a lot. However diving […]