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What to Expect when you Learn to Dive

You have just signed up to an entry level scuba diving course. Congratulations! If you are thinking about doing it, you really should. Like most people, you will probably love it, and if you don’t, you are still learning a new skill and expanding your horizons. Everyone expectations of what diving will be like are […]


Common Misconceptions of Technical Diving

You may have seen them before on a dive boat with enough equipment for at least 10 divers, despite only 3 people using it all, or maybe sat around a laptop planning a dive at your local dive club. To a new diver, technical divers do what might seem impossible, and many professional divers know […]


Becoming a Divemaster

If you are dreaming of living on tropical beaches and spending your days in the sun and sea, or you are deeply interested in the natural world and want to spend your days passively observing nature then maybe you should become a Divemaster. Becoming a Divemaster is actually much easier than most people think, just […]


Changing Dive Agencies

We all know that there are lots of different diving agencies out there. Some offer very similar courses and methods of teaching while others offer a more specialized approach. When it comes to changing dive agencies you will need to discover your equivalent diving qualification so you start from the correct level. The table below […]


Master Scuba Diver or Divemaster?

So you’ve completed your Open Water Course and discovered an amazing new world beneath the surace, falling in love with the corals, colours and the marine life. You’ve continued your diving education and completed your Advanced and Rescue Diver courses and now you have come to a crossroads.. What to do next? Master Scuba Diver […]


Getting back into the water

Dust off your mask, dig out those fins and squeeze into that wetsuit. That exciting feeling of anticipation inside you as you prepare to go on holiday, knowing you are heading back below the surface. It’s been a long time, too long in fact! Time ticks away in the real world and it’s easy to […]


Solo Diving

Scuba diving has always traditionally been a team sport. The buddy system ensures that you never dive alone, mainly for safety reasons, but in 1999 SDI began to offer the Solo Diver Certification. Since then it has become a popular speciality, but many training agencies such as PADI, SSI or NAUI still refuse to create […]


Divemaster. The First Step to Professional Diving

The school and university year has come to an end. At this very moment people from all over the world are packing their backpacks and booking tickets to travel all over the world. For many, the gap year is a way of improving oneself, gaining life skills and experience that will help them later in […]


A New Found Love for Diving

My visit to Thailand was supposed to be a regular business trip, but since neither the colleague whom I traveled with nor I could resist the beauties of this country, we decided to stay a bit longer and get to know it better. For two young fellas like us, Bangkok and Phucket nightlife was simply […]