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Diving in Remote Areas of the Tropics

The majority of the world’s most beautiful reef systems are found within the tropics. As a scuba diver these reefs provide some interesting and unique dive opportunities, however the tropics also provide a unique set of challenges that you may need to overcome. The majority of the countries that are found within the tropics are […]


Journey to the Red Sea

As a diver, the Red Sea has always been on the top of my list. The opportunity arose when I was kindly offered a spot on a sailing yacht as part of a sailing rally beginning in Cyprus and traveling to Eygpt. The expedition included passage through the Suez Canal, anchoring along the Gulf of […]


Diving the SS Thistlegorm

Initial Impression The first thing I had to wrap my mind around was the size of this sunken carrier ship. Often, as a diver, I find myself feeling insignificant compared to the marine life and features surrounding me, and it is that dose of awe that continues to reignite my passion for diving. My first […]

Beautiful light on the seagrass beds of Cabilao, Philippines.

Sea Grass Meadows

When most people think about going diving, normally their minds will wander to beautiful coral reefs with fish of all colors of the rainbow, or a deep dark haunting shipwreck, or maybe even jumping into a cage with some of this planets most ferocious predators. But there is something that most people would not think […]


Ice Diving

Diving can take us to some amazing and remote locations on the earth, wherever water exists we can go diving. If you really want to push your diving to the limits, then why don’t you give ice diving a shot? Ice diving can be done wherever the sea, or fresh water freezes over, however there […]