Jun 2020

Top 10 Diving Websites for Divers and Ocean Lovers

By Elena Vivaldo

The ocean is captivating in many ways. Here at Dive Compare, we love everything about it, from scuba diving to freediving, as well as the many destinations you can visit and the marine life you can discover! While we pride ourselves in providing you with amazing scuba diving content, there are tons of other sites that are a great source of information. But that could be the problem, right? Flicking through hundreds of sites can be a daunting task..

Well, we’ve made things easy for you and listed our top 10 websites that we’re sure you’re going to love (in no particular order). Some specialise in photography in all its many facets. Others cover marine life that will remind you of the beauty of the world beneath the waves. Whatever your interests or level of experience, these websites are the place to go for more useful advice and to stay up to date with the latest news.

1) DeeperBlue 


For a healthy dose of inspiration, DeeperBlue is a trove of new ideas and fresh content. For both scuba divers and freedivers, the site has engaging news articles about anything related to the ocean or that directly impacts the ocean-loving community. We’re talking about new products that you didn’t know existed, international competitions coverage, and great projects that you can get involved in. DeeperBlue has everything you’d expect from a freediving and diving website, along with updates that are otherwise missed on bigger sites. Sounds amazing right? See for yourself!

2) Scuba Diver Life 


Scuba Diver Life is an obvious choice for everybody in the diving community. And if there is one thing that Scuba Diver Life excels at, is its knowledge on marine life. You’ll find tons of useful information, from the more common to the less-known species. Their articles cover introductory guides, quirky facts, conservation efforts, and how you, as a diver, can safely interact with them. But there’s more, Scuba Diver Life will also tell you the top locations around the world where you can see these marine species in all their beauty. Visit their site to discover new species or to learn more about your favourite sea animal!

3) Diver Net 


While some scuba diving websites may cover diving equipment reviews, many of these are very limited in their research, technical specifications, designs and practical applications. On Diver Net, they are constantly testing and reviewing diving gear, from fins to regulators, BCDs, masks, and every dive gear and accessory that you can think of.

This means that you can read a detailed description of each product that even beginners can understand. Need help when buying diving gear? You’ll find all the industry-leading brands’ products reviews on this site.

4) Undercurrent 


You know when you’re reading a product review only to find out that it’s a sponsored article? Well, Undercurrent is an independent source of information that stops readers from questioning their articles’ legitimacy. Their an ad-free site makes it a trusted news outlet, especially when it comes to dive gear, dive resorts, and liveaboards reviews. Are you looking for an honest review to help you make an informed decision? Then head over to Undercurrent!

5) Dive Photo Guide 


Featuring award-winning international photographers who share their immersive take on underwater scenery, Dive Photo Guide is loaded with much more than just amazing photos.

If you’re into photography, look no further than Dive Photo Guide. Here, you’ll find recommended camera equipment and accessories for both beginners and pro photographers. Learn essential photography techniques and discover little-known tips and tricks that will make your underwater photos pop. You can also take part in their photo contests and get featured on their site. We’re rooting for you!

6) Sport Diver 


For those looking for the ultimate lists, whether it’s the top 10 wreck dives in the world or the best Caribbean Islands to scuba dive, Sport Diver has you covered. Do you want to know the top 10 places to dive in Hawaii? Or are you looking for reasons why you should dive in the Mediterranean? From popular diving destination to the more unexplored dive sites, Sport Diver will surprise you with its creative and inspiring lists.

Are you looking to add something new to your diving bucket list? Then follow them on their website for some ideas.

7) Underwater Times


Imagine a newspaper that covers news solely about the ocean, from diving to fishing, marine life and anything related to the underwater world. Underwater Times does exactly this. Do you want to keep up with shark news, unexpected marine sightings, dive accidents and conservation efforts? The amount of information you’ll find on this site is staggering. So if you’re curious about what’s happening in the aquatic world, this site is the place to go. Stay tuned with Undercurrent Times for the latest oceanic news from around the world!

8) Dive Magazine 


Dive Magazine is a powerhouse of original ideas, amazing facts and top-quality images and videos. They don’t limit themselves to just their site, but they also have a print magazine with well-researched articles on the latest dive gear, handy tips, and uncharted locations – all topped with stunning images. No wonder you’ll find a copy of Dive Magazine in many dive centres!

Whether you’d a beginner or a seasoned diver, Dive Magazine is a great website for divers of all levels.

9) Mpora 


As much as we love scuba diving here at Dive Compare, sometimes it’s important to go back to basics. So how about a great diving website that brings to light the best dive locations while focusing on essential dive equipment and answering divers’ frequently asked questions?

For all the adventure seekers out there, Mpora has inspirational diving and freediving content from around the world. Their top-quality photos add much to the site’s appeal, keeping you engaged and motivating you to pack your bags and travel across the world. Head over to Mpora to see what’s out there waiting to be explored!

10) Red Bull – The Red Bulletin 


OK, so it’s not exclusively diving or ocean related but if you’re looking for the latest news on extreme sports, you can’t beat the content of The Red Bulletin. Their lifestyle magazine is packed with high-quality content, and you’ll get an adrenalin rush just by reading their articles and looking at their amazing photos.  Covering extreme stories from around the world, under and above water, in The Red Bulletin you’ll find articles about thrill-seekers and adventure junkies who have achieved impossible feats and left a mark on the world, whether it’s in the field of sports or conservation.

Get their magazine for a healthy dose of thrilling content that will inspire and empower you!

Do you have a favourite diving related website? Do you have any to add to our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Elena Vivaldo

One thing's for sure, I slowly drifted into becoming a PADI instructor.
I took my first breath underwater when I was 10 while on holiday in Turkey, and got my open water certification at 16, in Thailand.

Initially, diving was simply something I enjoyed doing while on holiday, but at some point, I decided to up my game and to make something out of it. I've always loved travelling, and diving gave me the freedom to travel and work at the same time. So I took my first step towards becoming a PADI pro, and I did my divemaster internship in Tenerife. I worked on the island for a few months before heading to India to further hone my diving skills.

Years later, and with many dives under my weight belt, I've had the great opportunity to introduce people to the underwater world and to explore many exciting dive destinations. There is nothing I like more than seeing new dive sites around the world (my weakness).

When not teaching, I continue to share my love for diving by writing about it. As a copywriter, I can blend my diving and writing skills to create insightful content. But more importantly, I've found a way to stay connected to the world beneath the waves even when I'm out of the water.

Diving Qualifications:
- PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
- PADI Speciality Instructor: deep, wreck, night, enriched air, O2
- EFR Instructor
- Scubapro Level 1 Technician

Dream Diving Destinations:
- Palau
- Cenotes, Mexico
- Galapagos
- Vancouver Island, Canada
- Sardine Run, South Africa
- Mass coral spawning, Great Barrier Reef