Sep 2015

To Dive or Not to Dive?

By Guest Blogger

There are two types of people in this world, those that are divers and those that are not. Like me, many of you will have tried to explain to a non-diver what it’s really like down there and the feeling you get from swimming alongside marine life. However, I can’t help but feel they never quite understand. You can describe the feelings you get, you can pull out some photos to show what you’ve seen, but it does not do it justice. The one thing the world’s population of divers have in common is we have ventured into a different world, and can truly say we are lucky enough to have experienced this incredible place.

Diving offers us a sense of freedom and escapism. Above the surface, the world is full of stresses, financial difficulties, arguments, relationship troubles and many of life’s difficulties. Whilst underwater, none of this matters. To be a guest in the aquatic world really is a privilege. By simply observing the goings-on down there, and not interfering with marine life, we are indeed welcome too – for the duration of the dive, we are honorary marine life and get a glimpse of what life is like under the surface.

71% of the earth is occupied be water, so whilst everyone else is crammed into the remaining 29% of the land, the clever ones decided to take a leap of faith and submerge themselves into the world’s oceans and seas. More and more people each year are learning to dive, joining the family of certified divers. With a diving certification, our home becomes a lot, lot bigger. Anywhere in the world, we visit, we have the chance to take the plunge and see more beautiful and interesting things, which non-divers may never experience.


Visiting exotic countries has become easier in modern times with many airlines offering great deals to faraway places. Dive tourism has meant that countries and islands around the world have seen visitors they may never had seen before; providing locals with jobs and finances to help improve their businesses and build comfortable accommodation for travellers. Offering diving on untouched reefs, unspoiled beaches without the crowds. Kicking back on a quiet beach on a tiny island with local food and a cocktail, discussing the day’s findings underwater really is my idea of paradise.

Scuba diving has become more affordable too, we don’t have to spend thousands of our hard-earned money, buying each and every piece of kit under the sun. Most dive schools will supply you with all the equipment you need; it is often recommended to own a mask as you can purchase one that fits you perfectly and, with care, it will likely last you a long time – diving will be more enjoyable with a mask that does not leak. Booking a trip to places like Thailand or Indonesia can be reasonably priced and you can find deals in which your accommodation is included with the cost of your dive course, sometimes even food packages included.

It’s time to follow the dream and take the plunge. Whether you’re a certified diver looking to log some more dives or take the next qualification, or maybe you’re currently in the non-diver category watching in envy, wishing you could experience the stunning underwater world – there’s never been a better time to go diving. Dive Compare is a great platform to find your perfect trip and compare dive schools – it all starts with an idea and motivation. Soon you too could be enjoying your leisure time with a great company in outstanding scenery, enjoying one of the most exciting and interesting activities there is.

‘To Dive or Not to Dive?’ was written by guest blogger Bobby.

Photo Credit: PADI


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