Learn to Dive in Egypt


Spoiler Alert: If you choose to learn to dive in Egypt, you may get a skewed perspective on diving!

There are few places that can offer the varieties of corals and up close encounters with marine life like the experience you will find in the Red Sea. However that should only be an encouragement when choosing a location for your scuba certification.

A brief overview of the Open Water certification starts with the theory of diving. This can be completed in the dive center guided by an instructor or online through the PADI eLearning process which provides the necessary resources to complete the dry section of the course.

Your first diving experience will be in shallow, confined waters to learn required skills for the open water. We have found that most confined sessions are completed in a lagoon just off the beaches. The benefit to this being that you get familiar to the buoyancy of the sea and a few fish right away! The highlight of the course is the Open water dives where you will apply and practice the skills you have leaned from the theory and the confined session.

It takes some people longer than others to become accustomed to the Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA), however the beauty of the Red Sea offers constant encouragement to people at all levels! My experience so far is that the dive boats are very flexible to accommodate their customers’ needs and wants. The abundance of dives sites allows charter boats to choose sites appropriate for any level divers. And on a personal favorite note, we only visited the same dive site twice when it was requested by the majority.

Marine Life:
Depending on the season, you may find yourself swimming alongside manta rays or getting a glimpse of the exquisite Thresher Shark. On an average day of diving you will encounter moray eels, squid, napoleon wrasse, giant tunas, queen fish, groupers, trevally, blue spotted stings rays, reef sharks, turtles, octopus and an assortment of tropical fish that seem to enjoy the attention! And I haven’t even mentioned all the soft and hard corals who’s colors capture the sunlight and make you feel like your on a completely different planet.

This being said, allow me to reiterate that any diving in the Red Sea is worth the journey, however for those who are looking for an introduction to the underwater world, you will start off with very high standards!

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‘Learn to Dive in Egypt’ was written by Russell