Journey to the Red Sea


As a diver, the Red Sea has always been on the top of my list. The opportunity arose when I was kindly offered a spot on a sailing yacht as part of a sailing rally beginning in Cyprus and traveling to Eygpt. The expedition included passage through the Suez Canal, anchoring along the Gulf of Suez until we met our destination point, Hurghada.

Our first introduction to Eygpt was in Port Said where we stopped for immigration and supplies. Unfortunately, one of the first things I noticed was the abundance of trash and abandon buildings. However the second most notable feature was the friendliness of the locals and warm welcomes we continued to received while traveling through the next few cities.

After clearing the Suez Canal and loading up on groceries, we embarked on the 12 day journey that would take us to Hurghada. We brewed our coffee before sunrise and began the day sailing to our next anchorage. A total of 9 sailing yachts and one motor boat composed the rally and luckily for me and my diving buddy/boyfriend, the motor boat featured a compressor to accommodate its’ crews’ affiliation for diving!

On the shorter sailing days, we would arrive at our anchorage point with a few good hours of sunlight left and enjoy those hours snorkeling and diving along the reef.

There is a certain juxtaposition about sailing beside mountains and plains of sandy desert, only to enter into the water and discover a kaleidoscope of colors just below the surface. By merely jumping off the boat, I found myself surrounded by a variety of fish and corals that rival my diving experience in Thailand and the Caribbean.

I am currently residing in Hurghada to continue and expand my experiences in the Red Sea. More detailed blogs to follow!

‘Journey to the Red Sea’ was written by Hannah