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Feb 2016

Overcoming my Fear of the Ocean

I had never been in the ocean before I came travelling to Thailand. I took my first steps in the sea in Phuket and went snorkelling in Koh Phi Ph...

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Nov 2015

50 Fascinating Ocean Facts

When we think about the ocean, we imagine how vast this watery desert is, however the majority of us do not understand the sheer scale of the world’s ‘Global Ocean’. Approximately 71% of the earth’s surface is covered in ocean, and with that ...

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Aug 2015

Ocean Acidification

Pumping greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere does not only causing global warming and change the climate, it is also causing significant damage to our oceans too. The oceans absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, but since the dawn of the ...

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Jul 2015

Shark Awareness

Today, 14th July is known as ‘Shark Awareness Day’. This is not a day to shout out to the world about the dangers of sharks, it is intended to inform people of these stunning creatures and their battle for survival against possibly the most savag...

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Jun 2015

Marine Conservation Projects

Over 1 billion people around the world rely heavily on fish as a source of protein, with small scale fisheries supporting the livelihood of over 500 million people, mainly in the poorer parts of the tropics. With the world population rising rapidly, ...

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Apr 2015

6 Tips to Help Protect the Reef

No matter how hard we try, divers generally have a negative impact on the coral reef ecosystem. Although there are significantly worse threats such as pollution, over fishing...

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Apr 2015

Combating Sea Sickness

On the medical forms for diving you will find a section asking you if you suffer from severe or frequent motion sickness. Most people who are new to boat travel may assume that as they are fine in cars or on planes they will be fine on a boat too. It...

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Apr 2015

Understanding The Tides

There are many unbelievably powerful forces that affect us and our planet every second of every day. Our planet is held firmly in its orbit by gravity, which is also responsible for holding our solar system in its place in the galaxy. We generally li...

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Mar 2015

Coral Bleaching & Climate Change

Despite many people arguing about whether or not climate change is a consequence from the actions of humans, nobody can really argue that it is not happening.

What is Climate Change?

To a non-scientific person (like myself) climate change ...

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Dec 2014

Coral Reefs

What is a Coral Reef?

Coral reefs are natural structures that are built by living organisms. Although many people believe that corals are ‘stony plants’ or rocks they are actually built up of animals. These animals are ...

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Nov 2014

Overfishing. A Global Issue!

The ocean used to be considered an endless source of valuable resources such as food. Due to its size nobody could have ever imagined that we could even have an impact on the stocks. Now we know this to be untrue but it doesn’t stop people from tak...

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Oct 2014

The Lure of the Deep

There is something about going deep on a dive that gets many people excited. Perhaps it is the mystery that lies deeper below the surface of the water. Maybe it is the knowledge that they are going to places where few people have been, or maybe it is...

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