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Sep 2020

Diving After COVID-19. Where Can You Travel After Lockdown Ends?

The last few months have been frustrating for divers, forced to stay on dry land and ignore the calling of the sea. Is this what a fish out of water feels? You are probably wondering if you'll ever be able to go diving after COVID-19. We’ve seen...

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Aug 2020

The Teeny-Tiny Beginnings of The Baby Ocean Sunfish

The Ocean Sunfish, also known as the Mola Mola fish among divers; is one of the most mysterious and bizarre looking fish in our oceans. It may not be one the most popular sea creatures, but ask any seasoned diver, and they’re bound to have it on th...

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Jul 2020

Goodbye Smooth Handfish

How destructive fishing practices and loss of habitat led to the demise of the smooth handfish, the first marine fish do disappear from our planet in modern times. If there is one thing that we divers know, is the privilege of seeing first-hand t...

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Jun 2020

Top 10 Diving Websites for Divers and Ocean Lovers

The ocean is captivating in many ways. Here at Dive Compare, we love everything about it, from scuba diving to freediving, as well as the many destinations you can visit and the marine life you can discover! While we pride ourselves in providing you ...

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Apr 2020

Become an Environmentally Aware Diver this Earth Day

On 22nd April 1970, millions of people rallied together to try to do something about environmental destruction. That was the very first Earth Day, and now every April 22nd, more than 190 countries around the world celebrate the day by focussing on ta...

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Jan 2020

The Most Amazing Relationships in the Ocean

From the Ocean to the human body, nature is full of symbiotic relationships. Derived from the Greek ‘sym’ and ‘bios’ translated as together and life, biologists and ecologists have researched how species interact whilst intimately living and ...

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Dec 2019

Planning a Snorkeling Trip? This is what you need to know.

Let’s be honest: there is a lot of misconception when it comes to snorkeling. Scuba divers often overlook it, and beginners are usually afraid of what this water sport entails. But because we can reframe our thinking in ways that make us more aware...

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Dec 2019

Great White Shark: Everything You Need to Know!

Tell somebody you’re a diver, and you’re guaranteed to be asked whether you’re scared of sharks or if you’ve ever seen one. It’s part of the collective consciousness to associate the deep blue with threats and lurking predators, and the mos...

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Nov 2019

The Sardine Run. An African Ocean Safari

Something stirs in the part of the southern African continental shelf known as the Agulhas Bank, where the warm Indian Ocean and the cold Atlantic meet. With a myriad of theories circulating about what exactly stirs, from the ideal temperature spread...

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Aug 2019

Essential Manta Ray Facts

When asking fellow divers what animals make the top five of their marine encounters bucket list, you can almost guarantee that the manta ray is on there, and with good reason. These gentle giants are easily one of the most beautiful fish on the pl...

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Mar 2019

Docile but Deadly – The Blue Ringed Octopus

Recently, we created a blog post about some of the most venomous animals in the ocean, which included some unlikely contenders, such as the textile cone snails an...

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Dec 2018

10 Tips for Underwater Photography Etiquette

Underwater photography is becoming more and more popular among divers and snorkellers. What was once considered a pastime that only the wealthy and very experienced divers could take part in, is fast becoming available to everybody as camera syste...

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