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Apr 2020

Discover Freshwater Diving

With a big focus on the marine environment within scuba diving, freshwater diving often gets overlooked, despite being more accessible to most people living inland and in colder climates. Freshwater can bring a new experience, with contrasting fish s...

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Mar 2020

Why Freediving is Fun and How to Get Started!

Freediving is quite simply the act of diving and swimming underwater with no breathing apparatus, also referred to as free-diving, freediving or breath-hold diving. A freediver is usually snorkelling and spends more time under the water’s surface t...

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Dec 2019

Ahmed Gabr. A World Record Breaking Diver!

So, how do you become the Guinness World Record holder for deepest scuba dive? In Ahmed Gabr’s words: “I wanted to satisfy my curiosity of how deep the human body can go, I was researching in books and on the internet but still never had the abso...

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Dec 2019

White Shark Cage Diving in South Africa

Many of us have been conditioned to fear the Great White Shark (Carcharadon Carcharias), by a repetition of two musical notes and a series of ba...

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Nov 2019

An in-depth look into Cave Diving

Cave diving is a very unique diving discipline and indeed next level in many peoples books. If you have dived before and couldn’t care less about colourful fish and stunning corals, cave diving might be just for you....

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Jul 2019

An Introduction to Wreck Diving

PADI and other dive agencies generally have a similar structure when it comes to diver education. You begin your diving career as an Open Water Diver, taking your first underwater breaths and seeing all the amazing life that normally inaccessible ...

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Feb 2019

Tips for Diving in Current – Drift Diving

There is nothing quite like the thrill of jumping in the water and letting the current push you along an endless reef. When done properly, drift diving is by far the laziest and most relaxing form of diving. You don’t need to worry about navigat...

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Dec 2018

10 Tips for Underwater Photography Etiquette

Underwater photography is becoming more and more popular among divers and snorkellers. What was once considered a pastime that only the wealthy and very experienced divers could take part in, is fast becoming available to everybody as camera syste...

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May 2018

Underwater Photography Tips for Beginners

Underwater photography is a natural progression for most divers who want to show their friends and family all the amazing animals they saw on their dive vacation. Underwater photography can be extremely rewarding, however if you don’t know what ...

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Oct 2017

Common Misconceptions of Technical Diving

You may have seen them before on a dive boat with enough equipment for at least 10 divers, despite only 3 people using it all, or maybe sat around a laptop planning a dive at your local dive club. To a new diver, technical divers do what might seem i...

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Sep 2017

Becoming a Divemaster

If you are dreaming of living on tropical beaches and spending your days in the sun and sea, or you are deeply interested in the natural world and want to spend your days passively observing nature then maybe you should become a Continue reading

Apr 2016

Master Scuba Diver or Divemaster?

So you've completed your Open Water Course and discovered an amazing new world beneath the surface, falling in love with the corals, colours and the marine life. You've Continue reading