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Jul 2020

Goodbye Smooth Handfish

How destructive fishing practices and loss of habitat led to theĀ demise of the smooth handfish, the first marine fish do disappear from our planet in modern times. If there is one thing that we divers know, is the privilege of seeing first-hand t...

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Jun 2020

Top 10 Diving Websites for Divers and Ocean Lovers

The ocean is captivating in many ways. Here at Dive Compare, we love everything about it, from scuba diving to freediving, as well as the many destinations you can visit and the marine life you can discover! While we pride ourselves in providing you ...

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Dec 2018

10 Tips for Underwater Photography Etiquette

Underwater photography is becoming more and more popular among divers and snorkellers. What was once considered a pastime that only the wealthy and very experienced divers could take part in, is fast becoming available to everybody as camera syste...

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