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Apr 2016

How Ocean Pollution Affects Humans

The ocean takes up over 72% of the world’s surface and provides over 97% of our water supply as well as over 70% of the oxygen that we breathe. The ocean is vital to the existence of life on earth. With that said however, everyday the ocean is unde...

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Nov 2015

50 Fascinating Ocean Facts

When we think about the ocean, we imagine how vast this watery desert is, however the majority of us do not understand the sheer scale of the world’s ‘Global Ocean’. Approximately 71% of the earth’s surface is covered in ocean, and with that ...

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Aug 2015

5 Reasons why you should get into diving

5 Reasons why you should get into diving. Download this free infographic for your dive school here: DOWNLOAD...

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Apr 2015

Life Spans of Marine Life – Infographic

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Mar 2015

Snorkelling Vs Scuba Diving – Infographic

This infographic aims to compare snorkelling with scuba diving, illustrating the history behind the two activities and the differences in equipment and training required. It also provides a handy guide ...

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Sep 2014

Improving Air Consumption – Infographic

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