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Mar 2020

Why Freediving is Fun and How to Get Started!

Freediving is quite simply the act of diving and swimming underwater with no breathing apparatus, also referred to as free-diving, freediving or breath-hold diving. A freediver is usually snorkelling and spends more time under the water’s surface t...

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Jun 2016

A Brief History of Scuba Diving

For centuries, humanity has had an obsession with exploring. It seems as though every time an obstacle has come up, human ingenuity has been there to knock it down. Even today, we are pushing the boundaries of exploration, yet, even so, much of our p...

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Oct 2015

An Introduction to Freediving

What is Freediving?

Freediving or Apnea, is diving under the surface on a single breath without the aid of any breathing equipment. To some, that may sound ridiculous. Why would anyone want to do that if scuba diving equipment exists? Freed...

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