Nov 2014

Careless Reef. Hurghada, Egypt

By Hannah Harrelson

We had an early morning to encompass a 3 dive day and return before sundown. There are not many things I will easily awake for at 4:30 am, but the hopes of being the first set of bubbles in the water are one of them! The marine ecosystem is just beginning to pulse with life.

We were thrilled to hear that our first destination point was Careless Reef. This is a notorious dive site for spotting a hammerhead shark. The boat moored up west of the reef and I was advised to swim through the ‘coral garden’ and across the plateau to a wall which dropped an easy 60 meters, nothing but blue (and hopefully a hammerhead) on the other side! Despite my best efforts of an early rise and patiently waiting at 30 meters, gradually coming up to keep within my limits, there were no hammerheads that shared my enthusiasm for an encounter. However, I took my time enjoying the bundles of coral that radiated like stain glass through the morning sun as I swam back to the boat.

We chose to do our second dive at Careless Reef because we were still the only dive boat there, weather permitted and the extent of beauty that reef had to offer seemed endless. I dedicated this dive to the rich marine life which strives around the coral gardens and pinnacles.

This was an optimal site for one of our friends to try his new camera housing and the pictures turned out pristine! Numerous moray eels reaching 2 meters long took comfort within the coral heads and would often swim from one to another seeking breakfast or a morning shower by cleaner wrasse. The visibility remained 30+ meters throughout both dives! I got the feeling as if I was swimming through a picturesque aquarium.

Careless Reef currently remains a favourite of mine because of the visibility, colours, topography, and dive plan options. Highly recommend for any level diver!

‘Careless Reef. Hurghada, Egypt’ was written by Hannah

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Hannah Harrelson

My father introduced me to diving immediately after my 12th birthday. Family holiday to the Cayman Islands and he needed a buddy. I remind him and my mother of this each time they question my reason for moving across seas, far away our land lock home town.

Dive one of my open water was in 2000 on Bloody Bay Wall, Little Cayman where I was greeted by a variety of colorful tropic fish, rays, eels, reef sharks and turtles. From then on, I holidayed south and on the coast, eager for opportunities to breathe alongside the unique marine ecosystem.

The itch to see what else the ocean had to offer increased proportionally with each dive, and in 2012 I traveled to Koh Tao, Thailand to complete my PADI Divemaster; the first level of professional qualification.

I completed my Open Water Instructor level in Vero Beach, Florida 2012 and began my teaching career in Abu Dabi, UAE. I returned to Davy Jones Locker on Koh Tao in 2013 for my Master Scuba Diver Trainer and have certified over 150 divers.

The enjoy teaching because it gives me the opportunity to introduced a part of ocean like never before seen. The grin, even with residual diving snot, students get after their first experience Scuba diving can be equally exciting as the dive itself.

When I'm not teaching, my diving interest extends to Tech, wreck and cave diving.

Personal Diving Goals:
More Caves! Diving with schools of Hammerheads, no cage Great White dive, and I suppose the Great Barrier Reef

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
PADI Equipment Specialist
PADI Tec Rec Gas Blender
PADI Tech 40
BSAC Compressor Operator
TDI Cavern
TDI Intro to Cave