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Marine Protected Areas

Protecting wildlife is a complicated, difficult task for any ecosystem. For marine wildlife, it is especially convoluted and full of unknowns. With terrestrial ecosystems, we humans have a decent chance to see a rough estimate of how many rhinos are in a savannah. Counting how many parrotfish are on a reef is exponentially more difficult, […]


Intro to Reef Restoration

It should come as no surprise that coral reefs are in peril. Healthy reefs are disappearing from the planet at an alarming rate. A surprisingly large percentage of food, medicines, coastal protection, and tourism income that the world depends on come directly from these reefs and will disappear equally fast as the reefs themselves. Because […]


Clarity on Chordates

You know those squishy-seeming, Mickey-Mouse-shaped, sort of sponge-looking things you see quite often on reefs? Or those grape-shaped clear balls you sometimes see in the water column, usually stuck together in a chain? They are called ascidians, and they’re also some of our closest cousins, relatively. They, like us belong to a phylum called Chordata, […]


Mola mola

I’m going to share a secret with you. I’ve never actually been diving with those big, charismatic animals. I see my friends’ pictures of whale sharks, mantas, dugongs, and all of the amazing giant animals of the sea with increasing jealousy and malcontent. All of my dives have been with very cool, but very small […]

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Ocean Deoxygenation

The oceans are changing, and more rapidly than we ever expected. Historically, changes in ecosystems have majorly been slow processes, occurring over hundreds of thousands of years. This would give ample time for the organisms living to adapt to the new challenges and opportunities created in this also evolving ecosystem. However, a few acute points […]


Essential Octopus Facts

What has 3 hearts, moves through jet propulsion, can morph into a new shape, change colour in less than a second, and is regarded as one of the most intelligent creatures out there? If you’re guessing some sort of super hero, I would argue that you are correct. More scientifically, however, the answer is one […]


Seagrass – Part 2

Seagrasses work in conjunction with all tropical ecosystems in a sort of ecosystem symbiosis, contributing to the health of all. Coral reefs exist in an oligotrophic (low nutrient) environment. Too many nutrients can smother and suffocate the corals. Seagrass beds are often found near reefs, trapping the nutrients from the water column and letting the […]


Seagrass – Part 1

What’s your favourite marine habitat? Mangroves are wonderfully cool. And nothing compares to a good dive with great visibility on a healthy coral reef. What about playing on the sandy shore, bathing in the sun? What if I were to tell you that so much of what you love about the ocean is all dependent […]