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Diving in British Columbia

Although there is technically just one ocean on this planet, it encompasses almost infinitely different ecosystems and abiotic conditions. It’s a big, crazy world out there, and not just over hard land. Different areas of the ocean have different histories, different “cultures” composed of different characters, and different factors to deal with in everyday life. […]


Freshwater Dolphins

It’s on almost every diver’s bucket list: diving with dolphins. You may have pictures from that trip to South East Asia or Mexico where a pod of dolphins was playing in the dive boat’s wake. Every face in the background is lit up by the sheer magic of cetaceans; no one is immune. So, I […]


Fish ID for Beginners

There are over 28,000 species of fish in waters around the world. Almost 27,000 of these are bony fish – the fish commonly associated with the group. Sharks, skates and rays, or cartilaginous fishes, comprise over 900 species, and jawless fish such as hagfish and lampreys have about 100 species. So, how can you be […]


The Surprising Little Boxfish

I think it’s safe to say that we can all think of examples of fashion or designs coming from nature. But what about a car being inspired by a fish? Which fish species would you guess was the muse? While you go through visions of streamlined tuna, sharks, marlin, and other torpedo shaped fish in […]

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Marine Protected Areas

Protecting wildlife is a complicated, difficult task for any ecosystem. For marine wildlife, it is especially convoluted and full of unknowns. With terrestrial ecosystems, we humans have a decent chance to see a rough estimate of how many rhinos are in a savannah. Counting how many parrotfish are on a reef is exponentially more difficult, […]


Intro to Reef Restoration

It should come as no surprise that coral reefs are in peril. Healthy reefs are disappearing from the planet at an alarming rate. A surprisingly large percentage of food, medicines, coastal protection, and tourism income that the world depends on come directly from these reefs and will disappear equally fast as the reefs themselves. Because […]


Clarity on Chordates

You know those squishy-seeming, Mickey-Mouse-shaped, sort of sponge-looking things you see quite often on reefs? Or those grape-shaped clear balls you sometimes see in the water column, usually stuck together in a chain? They are called ascidians, and they’re also some of our closest cousins, relatively. They, like us belong to a phylum called Chordata, […]


Mola mola

I’m going to share a secret with you. I’ve never actually been diving with those big, charismatic animals. I see my friends’ pictures of whale sharks, mantas, dugongs, and all of the amazing giant animals of the sea with increasing jealousy and malcontent. All of my dives have been with very cool, but very small […]

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Ocean Deoxygenation

The oceans are changing, and more rapidly than we ever expected. Historically, changes in ecosystems have majorly been slow processes, occurring over hundreds of thousands of years. This would give ample time for the organisms living to adapt to the new challenges and opportunities created in this also evolving ecosystem. However, a few acute points […]