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The Voracious Frogfish

What do you think of if I told you to imagine one of the world’s most voracious predators? You might imagine a lone cheetah crouching in the tall grass, waiting to pounce on some unsuspecting gazelle. Maybe a pack of wolves spring to mind, working together to split the weakest of the heard. What you […]

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What to Expect when you Learn to Dive

You have just signed up to an entry level scuba diving course. Congratulations! If you are thinking about doing it, you really should. Like most people, you will probably love it, and if you don’t, you are still learning a new skill and expanding your horizons. Everyone expectations of what diving will be like are […]


Cryptic Critters – The Ghost Pipefish

For many marine inhabitants, the oceans are a very dangerous place. Threat of predation is high and a number of predators have evolved seemingly more and more elaborate ways to catch their dinner. To survive in an environment like this, you need to have an ‘evolve or die’ attitude, which has resulted in animals more […]

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Hurricanes, Cyclones & Typhoons

The tropics: the latitudes we associate with paradise. The term conjures up visions of holidays of yore. With those cerulean waters punctuated with occasional forest green land, bikini-clad tanned bodies on sun beds with some type of frozen drink nearby. These are the areas you find hard coral reefs and charismatic megafauna, where liveaboards, snowbirds, […]

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Sea Turtle Business

Relatively speaking, there aren’t that many species of marine reptile you are likely to run into on a dive. However, the charisma and love they elicit are enough to fill the ocean. Perhaps none are more beloved than all 7 species of sea turtles. Similar to their terrestrial cousins, they are evolutionary dinosaurs, changing very […]


Common Misconceptions of Technical Diving

You may have seen them before on a dive boat with enough equipment for at least 10 divers, despite only 3 people using it all, or maybe sat around a laptop planning a dive at your local dive club. To a new diver, technical divers do what might seem impossible, and many professional divers know […]


Becoming a Divemaster

If you are dreaming of living on tropical beaches and spending your days in the sun and sea, or you are deeply interested in the natural world and want to spend your days passively observing nature then maybe you should become a Divemaster. Becoming a Divemaster is actually much easier than most people think, just […]


Choosing a Dive School

Traveling around the world is becoming more and more common, and quite often learning how to SCUBA dive is top of the list of things to do on the road. Many of the destinations on any travelers’ itinerary are around some of the world’s premier diving destinations and it would be a shame to not […]


Diving in British Columbia

Although there is technically just one ocean on this planet, it encompasses almost infinitely different ecosystems and abiotic conditions. It’s a big, crazy world out there, and not just over hard land. Different areas of the ocean have different histories, different “cultures” composed of different characters, and different factors to deal with in everyday life. […]