About the author: Russell

I began my diving career during my world travels in 2010 and It only took the first dive for me to become addicted, so with no hesitation I went straight on to my advanced open water. During a briefing, I saw the excitement in my instructor’s eyes as he told us there were two baby eagle rays and we would spend the dive looking for them. When we spotted the rays, I understood and knew I wanted to incorporate diving as a main focal point in my life.

After completing my advanced in Thailand, I continued my travels to Australia where the lure of the Great Barrier Reef was too much to resist. I found a live aboard that spent three days and two nights for a total of 11 dives. After working in Australia, I had logged around 40 dives and saved enough money to travel back to Thailand in 2011 for my Divemaster and a dive school I would eventually call home, Davy Jones Locker.

That year I worked as a DM for DJL and then headed to Philippines to expand on my experience as a Divemaster. In the Philippines I was able to do some amazing Deep, Wreck and Nitrox combination diving but it was in Thailand where I really honed my skills as a diver.

I returned to DJL, Koh Tao to complete my Instructor course in 2012. After passing my IE, I completed my MSDT internship at DJL before going on to work in Abu Dhabi for a season in 2013 where I learned how to teach and handle students in conditions very different from Thailand, Australia and the Philippines. However the diver lifestyle just wasn’t there, so for one more time, it was back to Koh Tao and DJL where I had the opportunity to manage one I the fastest growing dive schools in south east Asia.

I am now diving the Red Sea and completing one of my diving dreams… Teaching in Egypt!