Scuba Diving in Egypt

Scuba diving in Egypt is an incredible experience for an diver. The Red Sea has been voted the second best place to dive in the world!

There are main 3 cities to visit there;
Northern city in Sinai, called “Sharm El Sheikh”, there you can dive in Ras Muhammad, one of the top 10 diving sites in the world, also the great SS Thistlegorm! A huge wreck sank in the world war at 30+ meters depth. This place is not for beginners at all, it’s wavy in the winter, strong current in many diving spots, mostly you will have to dive 30+ meters to enjoy, although some introduction divers do their first dive there and actually enjoy.

And another city, a very popular one, is “Hurghada”, living in this city for a while will give you the opportunity to visit more than 200+ active diving sites, this city is visited by millions of tourists every year, mostly enjoy the beach and the sun, and of course go diving. So it’s a nice place for both beginners and experts, for it’s variety in selecting, deep dives, shallow dives, wrecks and more.

The third top city in Egypt is “Marsa Alam”, there you go for adventures! As you get to dive in many places mostly from the beach, you get to see the sea cow “dugong” , you get to dive with turtles everywhere around you to take some selfies, you get to dive with sharks in the great “Elphinstone” the sharks house. And it’s considered as expert diving area also, for it’s strong current and tough conditions.

One good choice about diving in Red Sea, that it’s called aquarium, because it contains the largest number of underwater creatures combined together in one sea.

You will find there a huge number of dive schools in Egypt, that offers their service 7 days per week. Egyptians like diving and are aware of the environmental situations; also you will find some foreigners working there from many kind of nations.

You can visit Egypt mostly all seasons, in winter it’s a bit windy, but it will not cause you a problem if you are used to the cold weather of Europe for an example. Just get your suit on and enjoy! No wind underwater. And I don’t think you mind the waves, and don’t worry, it’s not much there.

In the summer it’s a little bit warm as it can rise up to 40+ degrees, but isn’t that fitting diving underwater?

Scuba diving in Egypt has always been fun and it’s an experience you will always remember.

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