Find Diving Schools

Are you a fan of scuba diving and love to spend your holidays diving in the oceans of different countries exploring the treasures of the deep and are always looking for new adventures? Well if so, the website of is perfect for you as it provides a guide to all the very best diving schools in the world that will help you to choose your next scuba diving holiday location. brings together details of all the best dive schools across the globe including reviews from your fellow divers about the facilities offered by each dive school written from their own experience.

It is very easy to find diving schools with the website. All you have to do is select your preferred country from the drop down menu  then select a region of that country in which you wish to go scuba diving and the language that you wish the school to speak. You will then automatically be taken to all the dive schools listed on that fit your criteria.

There you can find the dive types that the school offers, their facilities and dive agency, a description of the dive school, photographs, prices, a location map, contact details and customer reviews.  In fact when you search for dive schools on there is very little that you won’t know about dive schools in the area you wish to visit, so you will be ideally equipped to make the right choice of dive school for your next diving holiday.

So to find diving schools visit the website of and for any queries get in touch with them by filling in the contact form on the website at: