Hurricanes, Cyclones & Typhoons – 4th November 2017
2017 broke records for all the wrong reasons. Climate scientists predict that storms will continue to strengthen and cause more devastation.

Manta Matcher. Citizen Science Conservation – 18th October 2017
Did you know you can directly contribute to Manta ray conservation just by taking a photo of a manta ray during your dive?

Sea Turtle Business – 15th October 2017
Essential Sea Turtle facts by marine biologist Roya Eshragh. Learn about their reproduction, anatomy and modern day threats to sea turtles worldwide.

Common Misconceptions of Technical Diving – 7th October 2017
Here are 3 major misconceptions that prevent many recreational divers from even considering taking a technical diving program.

Becoming a Divemaster – 14th September 2017
Zero to Hero divemaster internships are aimed at people with little or no diving experience who are interested in becoming a Divemaster.

Choosing a Dive School – 7th July 2017
Before just signing up to the first dive school you come across, there are a few things you should take into consideration when choosing a dive school.

Diving in British Colombia – 28th June 2017
Diving in British Columbia is very often shore diving. And since BC is known for its mountains, many of these shore dives require some form of hike.

Freshwater Dolphins – 16th June 2017
Most divers already know about oceanic dolphins, but freshwater dolphins also exist and they are another story altogether. Learn about river dolphins here.

Fish ID for Beginners – 9th June 2017
There are over 28,000 species of fish in waters around the world. Almost 27,000 of these are bony fish – this article explains fish ID for beginners.

The Surprising Little BoxFish – 21st May 2017
Boxfish belong to the scientific family Ostraciidae which also includes cowfish and trunkfish. They are all closely related to pufferfish and filefish.

Marine Protected Areas – 26th January 2017
Although protecting marine wildlife is difficult, we’re working hard to improve and expand Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) for the benefit of everyone and everything involved.

Intro to Reef Resoration – 8th January 2017
Marine biologist Roya looks at reef restoration and how artificial reefs can aid the health and recovery of natural reefs.

Clarity on Chordates – 2nd December 2016
Take some time to observe your fellow chordates on your next dive.. The similarities between them and us may surprise you!

Mola Mola – 20th November 2016
Learn about one of the strangest looking giants in the sea.. The illustrious Mola mola (ocean sunfish).

Diving Protea Banks, South Africa – 9th November 2016
Guest blogger Gustav explains how he found the ultimate #diving destination right in his backyard!

Ocean Deoxygenation – 28th October 2016
The oceans are changing rapidly! With rising temperatures comes ocean acidification, coral bleaching, mass migrations and something you might not have heard much about; Ocean Oxygenation.

10 Things for Environmentally Conscious Divers to Avoid – 20th October 2016
To be an environmentally conscious diver, there are 10 things that you and your dive school should avoid.

Essential Octopus Facts – 22nd September 2016
Octopuses use tools, plan out tasks, and can be excellent mimics of other animal’s behaviour. They are fascinating and curious animals!

Seagrass Part 2 – 15th September 2016
Seagrasses are often called foundation plant species or ecosystem engineers, literally creating their own suitable habitats.

Seagrass Part 1 – 11th September 2016
Seagrass is photosynthetically productive and absorbs vast amounts of carbon. In fact, they are the largest carbon sink known across both land and sea.

Anchor Damage – 6th August 2016
Using good anchor etiquette and reducing anchor damage will make a much bigger difference to our ecosystem than you may initially believe!

What you didn’t know about Tuna – 29th July 2016
An important food source all over the world, tuna make huge migrations, can dive to depths greater than 1000m and can withstand temperature changes that would stop a human heart!

How to Choose Sustainable Seafood – 25th July 2016
By making an informed decision to choose sustainable seafood and we can all help contribute to ensuring healthy oceans for the future.

Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka – 11th July 2016

Huge School of Mobular Rays – 29th June 2016
WATCH: Huge School of Mobula Rays filmed off the coast of Baja, Mexico. Also known as ‘devil rays’ or ‘flying rays’ due to their spectacular manner of breaching the water.

Giant Squid – 13th June 2016
Giant sea monsters really do exist, and they’re actually really cool! Little is known about the giant squid as very few people have ever seen one alive.

A Brief History of Diving – 6th June 2016
The Earth’s ancient seas have mystified us for thousands of years, and this has led to some of the most important inventions in the history of diving!

What is El Niño? – 3rd June 2016
Marine biologist Roya explains what El Niño is and looks at how this natural phenomenom effects both marine life and humans alike.

New Discovery! The Amazon Reef – 28th May 2016
The newly discovered Amazon Reef stretches from the coast of French Guiana into Northern Brazil and defies all that we knew about tropic coral reefs!

Sea Star Wasting Syndrome – 26th May 2016
Sea Star Wasting Syndrome is causing millions of sea stars, urchins, and sea cucumbers to disintegrate into piles of mush off shores of Mexico to Alaska.

Changing Dive Agencies – 6th May 2016
When changing dive agencies you will need to discover your equivalent diving qualification. This table of different diving agencies and courses will help!

Master Scuba Diver or Divemaster? – 23rd April 2016
Guest blogger Kieren looks at the differences between the PADI Master Scuba Diver course and PADI Divemaster course and explains the route he took.

My Ups and Downs as a Beginner Diver – 20th April 2016
My Ups and Downs as a Beginner was written by guest blogger Aaron who explains how he got through his Open Water & Advanced diver courses on Koh Tao.

How Ocean Pollution Affects Humans – 12th April 2016
Ocean pollution does not only affect marine life and their habitats, it can also have a huge affect on mankind.. see infographic for more information.

Best Places to go Scuba Diving in Thailand – 15th March 2016

Overcoming my Fear of the Ocean – 27th February 2016
Guest blogger Leila explains how she overcome her fear of the ocean to become a confident scuba diver.

Taking a Dive Vacation with Non-Diving Companions – 25th February 2016
Taking a dive vacation is something most scuba divers strive for! These tips will help make your vacation work even with non-diving companions.

Diving the Andamans Vs Thailand – 20th December 2015
The Andaman and Nicobar Archipelago consists of over 500 islands and Thailand has a few hundred. Read our blog about Diving the Andamans Vs Thailand.

50 Fascinating Ocean Facts – 27th November 2015
This infographic showcases 50 fascinating ocean facts which will leave you wanting more…

An Introduction to Freediving – 9th October 2015
Get into Freediving and experience one of the best feelings of relaxation as you make one with the ocean environment – on a single breath!

Find Your Perfect Dive Mask – 1st October 2015
Searching for you perfect dive mask can be stressful. There are so many different brands, shapes, sizes and colours. Hopefully this guide will help you!

To Dive or Not to Dive? – 28th September 2015
There are two types of people in this world, those that dive and those that don’t. If you’ve not been diving then maybe it’s time to take the plunge!

Take a Scuba Refresher Course – 25th September 2015
If you are limited to diving on holidays or every few years then make sure you undertake a scuba refresher course to enjoy your dives safely.

Scuba Diving in Egypt – 17th September 2015

Divers Behaving Badly – 8th September 2015
As a scuba diving instructor one of my key responsibilities, aside from teaching safe scuba diving, is to promote environmental awareness.

Diving Komodo Indonesia – 1st September 2015
Komodo National Park rose to the top of the dive charts in terms of wealth of marine life (both big and macro) and accessibility.

Tips for Equalizing when Scuba Diving – 28th August 2015
Equalizing your ears is an essential part of scuba diving, but some find it harder than others. Here 8 tips to help divers overcome equalization troubles.

A Divers Guide to Nitrogen Narcosis – 10th August 2015
Nitrogen narcosis is a condition that affects people breathing gas at high pressure, such as when a scuba diver descends to depths of 30 metres or deeper.

The Basics of Buoyancy when Scuba Diving – 30th July 2015
Scuba diving has a lot of important physics and physiology behind it, but the most important thing for a diver to understand is buoyancy.

Diving in Cold Water – 24th July 2015

What Makes a Great Dive? – 21st July 2015

Shark Awareness Day – 14th July 2015

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The Risks & Benefits of Solo Diving – 8th July 2015

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